Chase's new album "A LIFE BETWEEN" will feature Brad MehldauNir FelderDan ChmielinskiAntonio Sanchez on Soundsabound Records!  Click here to pre-order the album.


Upcoming Events

                       January 13, 2018               w/ Antonio Sanchez & Migration              Winter Jazz Festival, New York, NY
                       January 30, 2018               Will Brahm's "Duets with Friends"             Blue Whale, Los Angeles, CA


"Chase Baird represents the future of jazz music and the saxophone..."

- RANDY BRECKER (Grammy Award-Winning Trumpeter & Composer)


"What's remarkable is the clarity and logic of his ideas..."



"His instrument expounds his delusions, his fears, his happiness... [like] two thousand emotions inside a sound."

- BEN ALI ZINATI (La Provincia di Varese)